25th Anniversary Master Olga Garcia

Celebrating my 25 Anniversary at the Feng Shui Research Center,

I like to offer some upgrading courses written by my beloved Master Joseph Yu and other courses written by myself.

Learning should be fun & achievable, no more stress over locating the course you want, booking flights, hotels, taking time off work and worrying over whether you will learn the concepts in the time provided. You will be able to study in the comfort of your home, when you have the time and within your budget. You will be able to review course materials multiple times, ensuring your understanding is supported and strengthened each time.

Master Olga Garcia provides you with everything you need for successful course completion. 

You will gain access to:
1. Handouts for each course
2. Videos or eBooks that teach you the concepts and formulas needed for your successful understanding
3. Exercises for you to send to Master Olga from whom you will receive opinion and guidance if you have any questions
4. Certificates of completion & attendance are presented upon course conclusion.


“And enjoy an interesting journey online with Chinese Metaphysics in a guided tour with Master Olga García”