For your home, business or workspace.

Everything that is built acquires its own personality according to the concrete forms of the design and the abstract forms of the environment.

The concrete and the abstract are a wholeness, are united and are indivisible. They could be compared to the body and soul of a person.

If you know how to interpret the study of both energies, the space can be used appropriately.

The energy chart or blueprint of the place can be calculated according to the construction year or remodeling year of a building and the degrees of the earth’s magnetic direction towards which it is focused. Those energies are called “flying stars”. They will affect the place and change with time.

The energy chart of each construction reveals the positive and negative of the place. It is like obtaining the result of an MRI, an ultrasound or whatever you want to call it, which will reveal how it will affect the inhabitants and their activities.

If what is positive can be used and improved to the maximum and what is negative can be blocked and suppressed, the people will be able to obtain the maximum of well-being.


  1. The exact floor plan of the place
  2. The year of construction (and renovation if there is one)
  3. Description of what you need to have
  4. Description of what you want to improve
  5. Date of birth of the people who will occupy the premises.


  1. How to improve the space for prosperity, health and good relationships
  2. The best and most favorable way how to use each room
  3. The most favorable room for each person. (Each room has its own energy, just like people has its own personality). It is important that both are in harmony.
  4. The suitable colors for every room
  5. The right places to put the furniture
  6. Favorable and unfavorable directions for each person will be indicated
  7. The garden or the surrounding area is the extension of the construction. The most favorable for each spot will be indicated.

PRICE: Lowest fee is 500 €. It grows according to the house/business size and number of family members or employees to evaluate.

Send us an email with m2 or sf of your place, how many floors it has and how many people  you are, and we will get back to you with the price of the consultation.