Divination is the art and wisdom of being able to communicate with the universe, based on synchronicity we are able to decipher the messages the universe send to us.

When we have a question, doubt or simply see something that seems abnormal to us. We will decrypt these messages with the help of different methods. One of them is the I Ching and the other is the Plum Blossom.

Are you facing a difficult situation and you cannot take a decision?

Have you been surprised by something that is not common and you want to know its meaning? This course will give you the answer!

This course provides the necessary knowledge to be able to communicate with the universe. You will learn to specify the present and the future as well as the cause of the change or transit period between the two.

Everything we do now has an effect. It is the Law of Cause and Effect. If we communicate with the Universe knowing the effect of our present actions, we can take the best decisions for a better future.