Business Feng Shui “The Remington Center”

50 (Taxes incl.)


Master Joseph Yu & Master Olga Garcia
Feng Shui Research Center Spain

This Seminar is a case study presented by Master Olga Garcia on the Business Feng Shui aspect of the “Remington Center Shopping Mall”,project done by Master Joseph Yu.
Before Master Joseph Yu was engaged at this project, he was thinking: Is this part of the marketing gimmick to employ a FS Master?… And this was a serious concern.
So he didn’t promise he would take the job before meeting the architects.
An essential addition to the FSRC Business Feng Shui course written by Master Joseph Yu, this seminar is an indispensable tool for your complete understanding of Qi functionality within Business Feng Shui.

Exceptional Value: Business Feng Shui The Remington Center Project:  50 €

In this seminar you will learn

1. The project
2. How to integrate Feng Shui to the planning of the shopping center
3. About the land forms explanations Master Joseph gives with the energy pattern
4. What is needed to choose a site for a shopping mall
5. The improvements and Master Joseph’s advice proposals!

You receive
1. A beautiful downloadable handout with room for additional notes
2. Video presentation you can view for 15 days
3. Diploma accrediting this seminar


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