Feng Shui with Hexagrams Part 2

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Do you want to explore the yin or spiritual aspect of your home?

Every place corresponds to a hexagram indicating the most intrinsic side of the structure, whether it’s a residence or a business.
Sometimes, despite activating the ruling water star of the period, the results obtained may not be satisfactory. It’s possible that the Wife/Wealth Yao is hidden, preventing the wealth that should come our way from reaching us.

What you will learn:
This course offers a practical guide to easily apply the necessary remedies in each space using the technique of house hexagrams, which has never been publicly revealed, not even in the East.

We know that Feng Shui has its origins in the Yijing, using the eight trigrams and the 64 hexagrams. Xuan Kong Da Gua is one example, but it is a more modern invention.

This method with hexagrams stems from the Divination of the Yijing, which was the originally used method. It reveals the intrinsic potential of a residence or workplace.

In this seminar, I teach the secrets of the house hexagram, revealed by Master Joseph Yu in the seminar he held in Toronto in 2010. Since then, we have practiced it, obtaining fantastic results that are quick and effective.

This course requires knowledge of Flying Stars and basic knowledge of Chinese astrology, the Four Pillars of Destiny, to better understand the part related to hexagrams.

Comprehensive Design:
I’ve divided the course into two parts that can be purchased separately.
The third part is your own project with personalized tutoring.

Practical Project:
At the end of the course, the third part gives you the exiting task of applying your knowledge by creating and presenting your personalized house hexagram project, which is a personalized tutoring. In this third part, you can send me your floor plan calculations along with your analysis, and together, we’ll examine it as a practical exercise. This way, you can apply the hexagram that reveals what the Flying Stars don’t tell us, whether for yourself or your clients.

By signing up, you will receive:
1.       A downloadable PDF Handout
A complete resource that you can review and consult at any time.

2.       Audiovisual Presentations:
Access to an audio presentation that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home for 30 days, allowing you to review the lessons as many times as you want. The third part of the course, your practical exercise, will also be recorded, and you can listen to it for 15 days.

3.       Accrediting Diploma:
Upon completion of the whole course (even part three), you will receive a prestigious diploma from the Feng Shui Art Center, supporting your new master’s degree in Feng Shui with Hexagrams. 

Practical Feng Shui with Hexagrams Second Part:

Topics Covered:
1.       Meaning of the Yao
2.       Remedies
3.       Example of a House with Hexagrams
4.       Hexagram Analysis 

Practice with Your Hexagram Third Part:
After studying the first and second parts, you can present your work with the analysis of your case and the remedies you deem appropriate. Master Olga will provide individualized advice and guidance on your work.


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