Module 3: Time and Space School and Flying Stars First Part

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  1. Comprehensive Materials:
    A downloadable and printable PDF handout.
  1. Flexible Learning:
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Quiz and exercises with personalized guidance and opinions from our experts.

  1. Recognition:
    A diploma from the Feng Shui Research Center, signed by Master Joseph Yu and Master Olga Garcia, accrediting your course.

Module 3: Time and Space School and Flying Stars

Explore the time and space school and flying stars. Gain insights into the 9 stars, Luo Shu, house period, measuring the facing, water and mountain stars, basic charts, special charts, annual stars, reading a chart and practical tips.

Syllabus Module 3 First Part


It contains the basic information to understand flying stars, you will do practical exercises, study different diagrams and their meaning.

  1. Three Cycles and 9 Periods
  2. The 9 flying stars
  3. Two Cycles and 8 Periods
  4. The Luo Shu and the 24 mountains
  5. The House period
  6. Flying the stars
  7. Mountain Star and Water Star


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