Face Reading is a systematic study of the face shapes indicating the character of the person, his past, present and future. The method comes from the I Ching theory.
We can discover our ups and downs along with our strongest and weakest characteristics. We can use the strongest characteristics to carry out our goals, and the weakest to identify and avoid problems.

The face is the mirror of our life and personality.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

At birth, our brainpan grows until it stabilizes and then no longer changes.
We can say that the constitution is formed and the face has a shape that has a meaning.
Throughout our lives, we can get fat or lose weight. The changes will be noticeable on our face and will produce different effects on our personality.

If we do not make any cosmetic surgery, the part of the face that changes the least is the central part, followed by the upper part.
The one that changes most through the years is the lower part.

When we are born, we come to this world without assets of our own, without any belonging. When we die, it will be the same: without anything material, only with what we have learned and cultivated spiritually.

Why do we accumulate things during life?
Probably because we like to feel support and protection, both material and spiritual. This will manifest itself in the lower part of the face, which is the one that changes the most. The reasons and traits may be different.

Chinese tradition tells us about Heaven, Earth and Man. It is something that we must remember.
We can modify only two parts: Earth and Man.
The part of Heaven is the path that we must follow in our life. It is a very broad path and we can choose where we want to follow it. The way to follow it is the Earth part. How and when we want to do it, belongs to the Man part. Our free will.

Despite our freedom, our environment is always affecting us. Everything that happens in our life leaves its marks on the face. We can say that Face reading is knowing how to interpret signs and footprints.