Feng Shui Consultation

500 (Taxes incl.)

Everything that is built acquires its own personality according to the concrete forms of the design and the abstract forms of the environment.
The concrete and the abstract are a wholeness, are united and are indivisible. They could be compared to the body and soul of a person.
If you know how to interpret the study of both energies, the space can be used appropriately.


Feng Shui analysis of your home and business or workspace
Welcome to our Feng Shui consultation service, where we analyze the energies of your home or business to optimize harmony and prosperity.

Every space has its own unique energy, influenced by its design and surrounding environment. By understanding and harnessing these energies, we can create a harmonious and beneficial space for living or working.

Consultation Requirements:
To provide personalized advice, we require the following:

  • Exact floor plan of the space
  • Year of construction and any renovations
  • Description of your needs and goals
  • Date of birth of occupants

Benefits of Consultation:
Our consultation will provide you with:

  • Guidance on enhancing prosperity, health, and relationships in your space
  • Recommendations for optimizing the use of each room
  • Identification of the most favorable rooms for each occupant
  • Advice on suitable colors and furniture placement
  • Directional recommendations tailored to each person
  • Guidance on optimizing the garden or surrounding area.

Whether you’re seeking to transform your home into a sanctuary or enhance the productivity of your workspace, our Feng Shui consultation can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and unlock the full potential of your space.

PRICE: Lowest fee is 500 Euros. It grows according to the house/business size and number of family members or employees to evaluate.

Send us an email with m2 or sf of your place, how many floors it has and how many people  you are, and we will get back to you with the price of the consultation.


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