Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy Second Part

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Prerequisite: Qi Men Dun Jia Made Easy 1 and 2.

Qi Men Dun Jia is one of the most powerful and fascinating methods in Chinese metaphysics.

It was used to win battles and is based on the qi of the earth. For this reason we can adapt it to houses, giving detailed four-dimensional information.

This is a practical and simplified course, containing the information you need to apply it easily to a home, workplace, etc.

Course highlights:

Three-Part Structure.

  1. Introduction and foundation for houses/buildings: all the representations for houses and how to calculate and analyze a QMDJ annual chart.
  2. Practical Applications: guidelines for interpretation and how to calculate the chart for private houses or business places, as well as specify period and facing if doubtful.
  3. Tutorial and your own chart analysis: Engage in hands-on learning as the third part provides a personal tutorial. Practice with your own house or business place, and we’ll analyze your chart together, guiding you through the process.

Benefits & what you will learn after completing the first and second part of QMDJ Feng Shui:

The two parts together will provide you with enough material to be able to know:

  • The annual QMDJ energies. They are similar to the annual flying stars in Feng Shui but they give more details because they are four dimensional.
  • The facing of a place when it is difficult to spot
  • The right period of a place, when having renovations or the construction period is unknown.
  • If a home or workplace is favorable.
  • If there is some hidden problem in the construction before buying it.
  • If a client wants to have your opinion about a place he wants to buy or build.

You gain access to:

  1. Handouts
  2. Tutorial videos made by chapters, having the possibility to listen and review the course multiple times during one month.
  3. Master Olga Garcia´s guide and advice throughout the learning time.
  4. Certificate of completion & attendance upon course completion.

Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy – Second Part

The second part contains guidelines for interpretation. The Flying Pan. How to calculate the chart for a house. How to calculate the chart for a business or workplace. How to get the correct period and facing when having doubts because of the lack of information or renovations done in different periods. Analysis of a house.

Second Part Syllabus:

  1. Guidelines for Doors and Spirits
  2. Environment – Qi Flow – Flying Pan
  3. Chart for Yang Houses
  4. Qi Mouth for yang houses step by step
  5. Chart for Business – case study
  6. QMDJ and Flying Stars – House Analysis
  7. How to specify a doubtful period
  8. How to specify a doubtful Facing

Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy – Third Part

Welcome to the third part of the QMDJ Feng Shui Made Easy Course, where you embark on a personalized tutorial designed just for you. This segment offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of Qi Men Dun Jia by analyzing a home or a business chart and an annual chart of the place of your choice.

How it works:

  1. Submit your analysis with your corresponding charts to Master Olga Garcia and frame your information about the place clearly.
  2. Receive Expert Opinion and Guidance: Master Olga Garcia will carefully review your charts and analysis. You will receive personalized feedback, opinions, and guidance tailored to your specific place.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the steps involved in QMDJ Feng Shui analysis.
  • Receive expert insights from Master Olga Garcia to enhance your comprehension.
  • Practical application of the knowledge gained in the course to address real-life concerns.

Communication with Master Olga:

If you have specific questions or need clarification on the course content, feel free to reach out to Master Olga Garcia.

Her expertise and guidance are invaluable resources for furthering your understanding of QMDJ.

Certificate of Completion & Attendance Awaits You!

Congratulations on reaching this pivotal point in your QMDJ journey!

As you wrap up the QMDJ Feng Shui made easy courses, you´re not just concluding a chapter but stepping into a realm of enriched knowledge and profound insights.

Certificate of Completion & Attendance:

Upon successfully completing the QMDJ Feng Shui Made Easy courses, you will be bestowed with a Certificate of Completion & Attendance in QMDJ Feng Shui. This recognition symbolizes your commitment and accomplishment in mastering the fundamentals of this ancient art applied to houses & buildings.


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