4PILLARS ESSENTIAL I love this teaching method/school, it is a very effective and powerful way to learn, as you can study when you feel in the mood to learn and just when you have the time to do it. As the chapters are short, you can study only one or two, and repeat, or do as many as you want. It's a fun and relaxed way to absorb knowledge and is very efficient. It is as good or even better as classroom courses; because you can repeat and listen something you have not understood as many times as you want. Personally I was resistant to the 4Pillars but after this course, I could finally understand it completely. I think you are fully successful with this system. Thank you for providing it!
Feng Shui Research Center Spain
Juan Carlos Férriz
BUSINESS FENG SHUI WITH OLGA. I loved the seminar! It is very dynamic, it's entertaining; it is very easy to understand and gives a lot of information!!!! The course is magnificent! I think the system is great because it can be seen whenever you have time. It's like being in a classroom course!!!! Actually, the life course has the charm of "sharing", but this method has a lot of advantages! Miriam Baiele
Feng Shui Research Center Spain
Miriam Baiele
XUAN KONG DA GUA. As I approached the advanced study of Xuan Kong Da Gua, I was quite nervous and a little overwhelmed with all I needed to learn. With hexagrams, blood links and combinations to understand, I wondered if I would ever 'get it'...! Once inside the classroom with Master Olga Garcia, I immediately became calm, as I could see had a learning path clearly laid out for me to follow. I appreciate how Olga emphasized the important aspects of the course, so that I could focus my attention there, and advance easily. With Olga's wonderful teaching, I am ready to utilize my new skills, and become an excellent Xuan Kong Da Gua practitioner - thank you dear Olga! Samantha
Feng Shui Research Center Spain
PLUM BLOSSOM DIVINATION. I love the course, I am enjoying it very much and understanding it very quickly. In two days I have already made two guesses that have been correct, the first because I already checked it, and the second because of a strange event that, when converting it into hexagrams and interpreting it, revealed something to me about what I am waiting to happen in the next days. For all this I congratulate you on the course and how well and easily expressed it is, making it light to understand. This course has been beautiful, dynamic, easy, and encouraging. It is also true that I had some prior knowledge and it has been faster for me, but it is very well explained and clear. Your personal dedication is greatly appreciated. I have been very happy and the investment has been very little for everything I have obtained, I mean value for money. The fact that you are pending is not paid with money. Manuel Bahamonde
Feng Shui Research Center Spain
Manuel Bahamonde
MINI COURSE: ZONES OF YOUR FACE. "I just finished the Zones of your Face video, and oh my goodness, I am hooked for more! I found myself watching, then checking my face in my hand mirror and found so many matches to the information Olga shared: I need to know more! I may sign up for the bigger course now. This course is super great value - especially as it applies to more studies. A must see video for sure!" Kathy Giampa
Feng Shui Research Center Spain
Kathy Giampa
"Dear friends, I write these lines first to thank Olga for all her teachings, and her help with the courses. First of all, the way she is helping me with questions and her speed seems incredible and she answers emails so quickly, it is admirable. I encourage you to study Feng Shui with Olga, I have been interested in Feng Shui for many years, when I started reading I only got confusing contradictory information, something did not fit, it seemed too commercial that's why I started to study with Olga and everything was different, her seriousness, her transparency and her help is absolute. Given the result of the course, I was encouraged to ask her a 4 pillars consultation for my husband, he is going to start a company and I was interested, well... it's incredible, it seems that she already knew him by the way she described him, we were amazed, a study of 20 pages about his family and personal relationships, luck periods since his birth. And she also advised us choosing a favorable date for the start of his company, so that it would be more favorable. We are delighted with the results. Thank you very much Olga. " Isabel Negueruela
Isabel Negueruela