Zones of Your Face – Mini Course

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Face Reading is a systematic study of the face shapes indicating the character of the person, his past, present and future. The method comes from the I Ching theory.
We can discover our ups and downs along with our strongest and weakest characteristics. We can use the strongest characteristics to carry out our goals, and the weakest to identify and avoid problems.

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Mian Xiang Face Reading – Mini Course

Olga Garcia
Feng Shui Research Center Spain

Olga Garcia is a Master Lecturer from the Feng Shui Research Centre. She is world renowned for her teachings of Chinese Face Reading known as Mian Xiang.

Wether you seek to know about yourself, learn how to understand your employees better, or wish to enter more formal studies of Face Reading, this is your first step!

In this Mini course, you will learn about the different zones of your face, and what they mean in your daily life. You will know which one is your public and private side, how our life can be divided by 3 stages. If you wish to strengthen those positive work habits, utilize your most productive time of day, understand your communication style and know whether you can achieve your hopes and dreams, then this introductory course is perfect for you!

You will receive a beautiful downloadable handout (mp4) with room for additional notes, and the ability to view the presentation for 14 days. This is a fabulous opportunity and a great introduction to the more advanced courses of Mian Xiang. You´re going to live it – get started today!

You will receive a beautiful downloadable handout with room for additional notes, and the ability to view the presentation for 15 days. This is a fabulous opportunity and a great introduction to the more advanced courses of Mian Xiang. You’re going to love it – get started today!

The perfect course for quick tips on Face Reading that you can apply right here, right now! How to spot if a person is private and quiet, or a great communicator… not to mention a great kisser! Learn how to identify the key aspects of a face: who you can keep your secrets to who could be a good lover…!!

Price: 50 €

Of special note: This course fee is applicable toward the Beginner Face Reading Discovery Course with Master Olga Garcia if taken within 3 months of this purchase. 

Hear what students say:

“I just finished the Zones of your Face video, and oh my goodness, I am hooked for more! I found myself watching, then checking my face in my hand mirror and found so many matches to the information Olga shared: I need to know more! I may sign up for the bigger course now.  This course is super great value – especially as it applies to more studies. A must see video for sure!”  Kathy Giampa


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