Module 5: Feng Shui for Business Practical Application

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Module 5: Feng Shui for Business Practical Application

Our emphasis will center on Business Feng Shui within the workplace, serving as a valuable addition to the Professional Feng Shui Modules 1 – 4.

Mastery of this discipline is crucial for conducting comprehensive audits for business entities. While the foundational principles of Feng Shui remain constant, in the realm of business, our focus shifts towards optimizing activities and harnessing the vital yang energy.

This comprehensive course is structured into two parts. We delve into various scenarios tailored to different companies and analyze multiple case studies. Drawing insights from Feng Shui Master You Shi Yin’s observations on Chinese factories, as well as incorporating guidance from Master Joseph, we explore practical applications of their teachings.

Upon completing this seminar, I am confident that you will possess the expertise to deliver exceptional Commercial Feng Shui Consultations.

What Each Course Offers:

  1. Comprehensive Materials:
    A downloadable and printable PDF handout.
  1. Flexible Learning:
    An audio-visual presentation available for 30 days.
  1. Interactive Learning:
    Quiz and exercises with personalized guidance and opinions from our experts.
  1. Recognition:
    A diploma from the Feng Shui Research Center, signed by Master Joseph Yu and Master Olga Garcia, accrediting your course.

Module 5 – Business Feng Shui First Part


  • Introduction
    How we begin!
  • Site Selection
    The surroundings and how you enter a business is very important and study what we need to examine about dealing with money and people.
  • Flow of Qi
    We will examine the internal and external qi to see what is needed to be a successful place.
  • Water Concourse
    How the streets flow… what does it mean? We examine and notice what is favorable and what is not!
  • Building Design
    What can the design of the building tell us…? We will see how we can improve and what’s unfavorable.
  • Office Design
    Office design: Where should everything be located…? Ah the right thing at the right place is best!


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